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Let’s Get Stuck in Traffic!  

Solo show 
Let’s Get Stuck in Traffic!
Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival 2019
Warrington Museum & Art Gallery

Mixed media intervention in Warrington Museums main gallery

After spending time in Warrington Museum & Art Gallery, I noticed the main exhibition currently only exhibits works by a handful of male artists (the most contemporary piece is by Grayson Perry who does sometimes like to dress like a lady!)

Adjacent under the stairwell there has been a token temporary display of astounding achievements made by 21 women who are connected to Warrington. The Museum & Gallery, as with many other institutions have a lack of female representation within their collections.

Intervening in the main gallery I have highlighted this inequality of prominence with works created from interviewing 4 female artists / designers in Warrington whilst getting stuck in the towns traffic. The traffic is a metaphor for the journeys we take in life, there were no set questions and no set destination.

The interviews (or casual conversations as I like to call them) are being screened in the large art gallery where 4 snippets of conversation, (one from each interview) has been knitted out to hang infront of the male artworks.