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Let’s Get Stuck in Traffic!  ON VIEW NOW

Solo show 
Let’s Get Stuck in Traffic!
Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival 2019
Warrington Museum & Art Gallery

Mixed media intervention in Warrington Museums main gallery

Daring Greatly sets the scene for guests to take a moment to think about where they are now and where they want to be. The sound / text piece guides them on this journey whilst in the room. Part of the Let’s Get Stuck in Traffic! solo show, Daring Greatly also questions the sacrifices we make in life when choosing where to live over where we work.

The Snowdonian mountain range is a place which excites me like no other. I can’t get this feeling anywhere else and so, as Warrington is the place I live and work, I have attempted to bring that feeling to me, the outdoors in. The knitting envelops you as you walk around the room and the scent of grass combined with the sound of the outdoors helps guide your senses.