Curio Curia

Selected as part of Castlefield Galleries Autumn Launch Pad 2017 in collaboration with New York born, Manchester based Artist Stina Puotinen. A week long evolving, and experiential sculptural installation focussing on where our individual practices connect through object and image making.

CURIO a rare, unusual, or intriguing object.
CURIA a curia, plural curiae, is an assembly, council, or court, in which public, official, or religious issues are discussed and decided.


There's a Hole in This Table
Sculptural installation changed daily

Image Archive
One each added daily 59.4 x 84.1cm (23.4 x 33inch) variable

To Do List
1 x over 15m (39.4 x 197inch)
100% Acrylic wool. Machine & hand knitted.



Creative Tourist

Invited artists
Aliyah Hussain, John-Powell Jones, Adam Griffiths & Patti Crozier.


All work © Marie Jones / Kochi Kochi unless otherwise stated.